ku raaxeeyso aduunyada bilaashka ah ee adduunka oo dhan amarrada, ugu yaraan looma baahna!


Madow iyo caddaan ah dhar qaali ah oo dhar beel leh

This casual artsy linen dress explores duality with two different black and white stripe patterns. A broad plaid print on the left side contrasts with the smart looking thin vertical stripes on the right side reminding us of our inner duality. The extra large pockets are super cool and eliminate the need for carrying a purse. So much style and a loose comfortable feel. You get it all in this chic casual linen dress with V neck, Bat Wing sleeves, and thin waist sash. A pair of embroidered slipper shoes and delicate gold chain necklace bring some softness to this sharp looking casual spring dress. Or you can create more of a street style with a pair of Converse sneakers. Whatever you wear it with just be sure your inner matches your outer.

  • Waxyaabaha: Linen, Cotton
  • Style: Guridda
  • qurxinta: Goobo
  • Dharka Length: Dhaqdhaqaaqa-Length
  • Gacmo Style: Baaskiilaha
  • Calaamadaynta: V-Neck
  • Season: Spring

One Size: Length: 114-116cm, Bust: 170cm, Shoulders and sleeves: 61cm.

Bixinta Adduunka ee Bilaashka ah ee amarrada oo dhan. Ugu yaraan lama doonayo.

Waxaan u fududeynaa macaamiisheena maalmaha 30 Dayacan ama Dib u Beddelidda Gargaarka. Waxay kuu sahleysaa inaad iibsato walxo leh dabeecad aan fiicneyn oo leh khibrad wax ku ool ah oo ku taala Buddhatrends.


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