ku raaxeeyso aduunyada bilaashka ah ee adduunka oo dhan amarrada, ugu yaraan looma baahna!

July 19, 2018

10 Dhaqdhaqaaqyada dumarku waa in ay tixgeliyaan in haysashada qolkeeda

Jaraa'idyada, which strictly used to be a casual piece of clothing has in recent years become a mainstay in women fashion and has gradually become a must-have for every fashion-conscious woman. They now come in different styles, sizes, colors and fabrics such as denim, dharka, cotton and more. They are worn now to fit different seasons and occasions, thus becoming a major fashion item. Below are ten overalls, every woman should consider having in her closet.

Overall Dresses:

This beauty of a dress is the definition of simplicity with style. This denim overall dress is styled to hang on your body loosely thereby, giving you that casual outlook. It does this graciously with its spaghetti straps and pockets at the side. Matching it with a white tee, shirt or cami gives you a complete laidback look without taking away your elegance. For care of convenience, you will be glad to hear that this dharka guud is ankle-length, with a slash neck and a natural waistline; accentuating the emphatic attention the overall pay to panache matched with comfort.

Plus Size Overalls:

Waa maxay sababta dharka caadiga ah, markaad isbedbedeli karto? Tani oo lagu daro wadarta guudgives you a casually sophisticated look with its oversized style which shows that you own your fashion. To add to the sophisticated look that is assured in this overall, it caters perfectly for your comfort as it fits loosely on you, making sure there's no trouble going about your day. The pattern is solid if you are not a fan of multiple patterned or flowery designs and it comes in sizes ranging from M-5XL. It is definitely worth having if you ask me.

Denim Jumpsuit iyo Denim Jarmal

Denim has become a universal language. Everyone wears denim, in America, Europe, Africa, Asia, everywhere, so they are definitely a must-have for every woman. They give you a street look while still managing to look casual. It caters for comfort as it is styled to fit you loosely. You certainly have a bargain on your hands as this loose denim overall would complement your white tees and blouses while still standing out. It also could be matched with cardigans as winter overalls.

90s Xayiraad:

Guud ahaan tani waxay ku siineysaa 90s muuqaal ah oo aad ujeceltouch of modern style, leaving you to look cool and tasteful. Designed with pockets in front, which hangs loosely on one's frame to combine fashion, comfort, and style. It is casual and comfortable with the added benefit of picking from ten different colors which include black, blue and many more. It caters to women of different body types as its sizes range from S -5XL. These 90s overalls for women are perfect for that ageless look, definitely worth your money.

Meelaha Lagu Hayo

Ladies sure love flowy dresses that make them feel and appear like queens that they are. This full length overall is just one flowy dress that fits the script. With its vibrant solid-colored pattern, it gives you an outlook of elegance while still staying casual. This overall also cater for convenience as it is made of cotton which sits lightly on your body making you as comfortable as you can get while you go about your business with the dress flowing around you. This overall is undoubtedly a must-have as it is a perfect fit for a number of occasions such as a day on the beach, a casual dinner and many more.

Corduroy Jarmal

Corduroy waa mid ka mid ah textile oo ka badbaaday sanadihii, dareenkiisa iyo adkeysigiisu waa laba sababood oo badan. Corduroy guud ahaan waa gabi ahaanba waa shey waa in aad ku haysato dhar-galkaaga iyo damaanad-qaadka 90s eeg. Waxaa loogu talagalay in la duubo hoose iyo badhkeedyada, guud ahaan waa la isku qurxiyo si ay u fiicnaato in ay la socdaan shaashado fiican. Waxaad ku dartaa tan si aad u raaxaysato waxaana hubaal ah inaad haysato iib aad u weyn gacmahaaga.

Floral Jarmal

Waqtigan xaadirka ah ee maqaalku wuxuu noqonayaa hadal balaaran, guud ahaan ubaxyada haweenka waa gorgortan weyn oo loogu talagalay dumar kasta oo raacaya munaasabada. Mid ka mid ah sifooyinka quruxda badan ee guud ahaan haweenka ayaa ah in ay ka baxdo muuqaalka xayawaanka wadada ah ee si aan caadi aheyn. Tani guud ahaan ubaxa is quite comfortable as it is loose enough to allow for free movement while the bottoms could also be rolled up to spice up your looks. It is a definite necessity in this wave of prints on denim, you should consider getting one for yourself to rock.

Madada Muuqaalka

Black is a color that goes on almost all occasions and about any dress code, so a black overall is one you should have. This one is made of denim and styled in a jumpsuit which fits flawlessly giving you a smart and chic look while maintaining a casual poise. It can be worn with nice tees and sneakers to give you a lovely street outlook. It is quite comfortable to wear as it stops just above the ankle; making it easy to move around in. This black denim overall is a great buy, get your hands on it.

Red Mile

Gaduudku waa arrin macquul ah maaddaama ay si fudud u taagantahay meel kasta, u noqo dad badan ama qol. Sidan oo kale, guud ahaan casaanka waa shey waa in lagu xiro xero kasta oo dumarka ah. Guud ahaan tani waa tusaalaha dhabta ah ee qaabka, qaabka, iyo fasalka sida loo qaabeeyey jumpuit taasoo ka dhigaysa taam joogto ah. Wixii quruxsan, waxa uu leeyahay meelo jilbaha dhinac ah markaad dherer buuxda ku jirto. Waa mid aad u raaxo badan oo aad u fudud in la xidho halka ay sidoo kale bixiso aragti qurux badan. Is-nadiifi ninkan gabi ahaanba gaduudan oo u istaag sida rose ee beerta!

Pink Jarmal

Finally, here comes every woman’s special delight. Without mincing words, a pink overall is a dream of every woman. The color makes it look so soft to the eye yet sophisticatedly majestic. Styled in a jumpsuit, giving you the freedom to comfortably go about your day freely while also being the Miss. Charming alongside. It is designed with a regular waistline, a slash neck with a midi-length.

Sidii aan hore u soo sheegnay, kuwani waa inay lahaadaan toban guud oo loogu talagalay haweenka daryeesha dabeecadooda. Waxyaabaha kale ee la hubin karo waa Jaale Sare, Printed overalls, and Plaid Jarmal. As overalls have come to stay in women fashion, it is essential you catch this trendy bug and as a result, own your fashion!


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