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July 26, 2018

Rattan: Forest Fashion

How To Style The Newest Bag By Buddhatrends

By Ayla Alvarenga, July 26, 2018

The newest addition to the Buddha Trends summer accessory collection is the “Bali Island Handmade Route Bag”. A tightly woven, round basket-like purse. The structure and design of this purse makes it sturdy and durable yet gives it a boho chic look that gives it a feminine and relaxed feel. When you open this bag you will find a natural fabric lining that is soft to the touch and, a spacious area to fit all of your on-the-go essentials.

Aesthetically, the Rattan Circular Bag offers you room to pair it with a multitude of different pieces in your wardrobe. Due to its earthy tones seen in it’s tan basket-like base, brown leather strap, and deep brown lining it offers neutrality to any outfit.

This bag is also designed with a keyhole looped latch that makes it easily accessible and is paired with a long leather strap which makes it the perfect purse to put over your shoulder as you are heading out for the day.

What Gives it the Name?

The material this cross-body bag is made of is called “Rattan” which comes from a species of climbing palms, the majority of which are found in Asia. By the look of it, you would think Rattan is wood when in actuality it is a liana - a secondary growth of the climbing palm - offering a flexible woody stem that makes it perfect for weaving. Rattan is used for weaving furniture, different types of clothing, and accessories just like the Rattan Circular Bag.

Since this bag is made from organic goods it gives it an easy-going vibe. This makes it the perfect accessory to any outfit, be it day wear or evening wear. Its convenience will make you feel compelled to bring it along with you on your day to day errands, brunch with your friends, a day trip to the beach, date night, you name it! This bag suits whatever environment you are in.

The Many Ways to Style the Rattan Circular Bag

Buddhatrends offers many dhaladooda, hoose, dharka, iyo kuwa kale maala that pair perfectly with the Handmade Rattan Bag. For Summer there are some particular pairings that I would suggest:

To note, a great way to create the best-looking ensemble is to start by coordinating your accessories! Abiding by that rule here you will see each pair of shoes, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and scarves will be following the Rattan Circular Bag’s lead. With these outfit suggestions, you will see just how effortlessly it can be paired with anything. Bellow are 20 items, you should consider pairing with the Rattan Circle Bag.

Casual Day Wear:

Cotton Linen Plus Size Tank Tops (We choose Pink):

Saaxiibka oo la jarjaray:

Genuine Leather Antique-Inspired Flats (We Choose Brown):

Gacan Dhuxul Jilicsan (We Choose Orange):

Vintage Rose Quartz Ring:

Proper Day Wear:

Aasiyada Casriga ah ee La Saaray (We Choose Gray):

Midabada Dufanka ah ee Rooban:

Rainbow Rashka Kabaha Soodhadhka ah (We Choose Vintage Blue)

Dhiigga Lacagta Dabiiciga ah:

Kursiga cirifka gaduudan :

Casual Evening Wear:

Midab Kufsi ah oo Furan Furan:

Sariiraha Cas Casaxan ee Soodhada iyo Qoryaha:

Mary Jane Leather Boots (We Choose Light Brown):

Tree of Life Geometric Wareegtada Qoryaha (We Choose Brown):

Braided And Geometric Leather Bracelet (We Choose Brown):

Evening Wear:

Plus Waddada Maxsiyada Bohemian Long Maxi (We Choose White):

Mashiinka Dareemka Dharka:

Pure Colors Cotton And Linen Oversized Shawls (We Choose Beige):

Tear Drop Wooden Pendant Necklace:

Natural Red Agate Silver Colorful Ring:

As you can tell by these examples this Rattan Bag is versatile and a breeze to combine with the simplest to the most extravagant of outfits. You could take what you are wearing right now and this Rattan woven bag would tie together each piece of clothing creating a cohesive get up so you could get up and go looking effortlessly put together. This fact alone should make the Rattan Circular Bag your staple Summer accessory of 2018.


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